Friday, December 30, 2011

Chunky silver jewellery makes for bold and contemporary statement pieces

Although silver has for long been used in jewellery, it has always been the second cousin. Gold was always the favoured one, used in making elaborate and elegant jewellery. All of this has now changed. Silver, with its elegant and understated look has become the metal of choice in designing contemporary and classic pieces.

Available as chunky silver jewellery, silver suits women of all ages. It can even be worn for any occasion, lending a unique touch. Silver bracelet and silver rings for women are especially eye-catching. When designed in an attractive and unique way, they act as statement pieces.

Although silver is crafted as per the traditions of different countries, silver jewellery UK has some very contemporary designs. These are made for the modern woman who is outgoing and independent and want to flaunt her style and individuality whenever she gets a chance.

Silver jewellery can never go out of fashion and will always be found adorning by women who can carry them off. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New to our Jewellery box

Want to have a sneak peak of what is in our Jewellery Box?

With festivities in full swing we have bought our new range of jewellery online fresh for the festive season.

To buy any of these little treasures visit the new arrivals section of our website or just follow the following link

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

We have a variety of matching jewellery available online here are some of the variety we have on offer.

Royal Garnet:

The design and beauty of the Garnet gemstones makes you feel like royalty. The deep red colour of both the pendant and ring is a great collection to wear this festive season

Amethyst Cluster Collection. The drop earrings with different shapes and size amethysts are beautiful when worn, the matching statement ring finishes the look. 

True Beauty: is exactly what the label says. The chunky amethyst stones is true to its beauty of the size ans shapes of the gems. The matching ring and earrings are a great look. 

Peridot Heaven, The gorgeous green gemstone embed in the pendant and matching drop earrings are a great collection for Christmas. 

The Opal earring and pendant collection with its intricate design is a great gift to give. The opal gemstone is mysterious and beautiful to the eye.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Silver Jewellery Are Prime Favorites of Brits!

Have you ever thought why Silver Jewellery holds a shade better than Gold items with British people? It is because the British tradition goes that way for centuries, from the ancient times.

Prestige and culture are the twin inseparable attitudes of the Brits, and so online shops selling numerous items of Chunky Silver Jewellery, Silver Braclets UK, Silver Jewellery UK and Silver Rings for Women are popular among the citizens of UK.

And what makes an added advantage for them is they can leisurely go through each and every piece of Silver Jewellery on show, in these web pages. The details given about each piece of jewellery art are really exhaustive, and you cannot expect this from a sales woman on the counter of real-world shops.

The details enable you buy any piece of silver jewellery with satisfaction after taking an informed decision.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Festive Shopping!

Who said winter was dull and depressing? I think not, now with the festive season and New Year approaching we have a lot to celebrate and be happy about. With all the parties and Christmas dinners upcoming you can never be too early to get prepared. Whether it is for you or as a gift we have some great jewellery in store this season.  Sriga sells a variety of sterling silver jewellery that you will love. From our statement pieces, which is sure to be a big hit this season, to our delicate range there is a whole variety to choose from that will match any outfit.

So beat the winter blues and get shopping on

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 

As everyone is getting their costumes ready for Halloween, we have put together some of our wonderful pieces of jewellery which we feel ties in well with the Halloween theme. Dress up in style with our beautiful Sterling Silver range of jewellery. Visit 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ravishing Ring Collection

We have a wonderful variety of rings which can be bought directly from our website, with our semi precious gemstones, our statements rings with unique designs will complete any outfit for upcoming events and parties you will be attending.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get enrolled in style— with amazing silver jewellery

Silver Jewellery UK has artistically enhanced the meaning of new age ornamental jewellery with their fine blends of patterns and crafts.

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, each outline of Sterling Silver Jewellery UK pieces are meticulously carved by in-house ingenious designers who skilfully integrate best of their competence with thoughtful and effective designs.

The variety is phenomenal and it remarkably presents varied collection of authentic Sterling Silver Jewellery which will be treasured for generations.

Silver Jewellery UK offers Sterling Silver Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Sets, Charms, Pendants and Rings etc. for Women. The fine range of chic, stylish, yet traditionally touched Sterling Silver Jewellery especially made to cater to women of different tastes, mesmerizes all generations.

Be it a family wedding, a grand party or a lavish event, Sterling Silver Jewellery sparkles out the best in you!

If you wish to stand out amongst the rest, then adorning this line of silver jewellery is the finest choice.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silver Sterling’s coveted charm dazzles

Original ideas, artful conceptions and precise detailing make silver jewellery’s charm as appealing as ever. It contains everything from sculptural facets; exquisite hand crafted enablement, inlaid and augmented designs that beautifully combine with the Sterling Silver and makes great product.

Silver Jewellery Rings are one of the reigning segments of adornments that finds place in every cultural setup and is welcomed open handedly by every generation. In the notion of contemporary jewellery you would find Sterling Silver Rings UK reacting with every aspect of individually and style, making all sensible efforts to be resourceful with traditional and modern lines of clothing both.

At certain charge of its popularity and pervasiveness Sterling Silver Ring finds the unparallel mark of its identity. It is produced and procured most aggressively by the top designers and their patrons. Amazing designs, impactful jewellery crafts, and spectacular combinations, all of them play imperative role in delivering the product that we all desire for.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In The Light Of Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelet never goes out of fashion. The crafters of silver jewellery make all ingenious attempts to bring the best silver characterized design and keep it alive all the time.

There are several eminent designers in the segment of silver jewellery who have shown impressive jewellery blends in form of designs and in segment of ornamental pieces which includes a beautiful range of silver bracelets.

The craftsmanship of silver jewellery makers is apparently seen in the way they blend the modern designs with the traditional forms and accentuating the appeal by taking references from various innovative forms of jewellery designing.

If they are used and applied smartly, gem stones and decorative pieces augment its beauty multifold.

Silver bracelet charms UK use most creative forms of ornamental designs that incorporates the most relevant pieces of jewellery and stones and brings forth the bracelets that grace your dresses in all possible ways and goes with every form of attire. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The inexorable silver aura!

What do you look for when you want to buy silver jewellery? Silver jewellery is known for its galore in designs, styles and patterns. You would always love to get them in the newest form of embellishment and flaunt them along with different accompaniments. Attires to complement silver are in great demand just because of the evergreen aura of silver.

The trendsetter silver jewellery is worn by people who know the importance of silver as an ornament. Especially silver rings for women are one of the oldest forms of adornment that have been around for at least 5,000 years now. It has been proven by the findings of silver earrings in archaeological excavations taking place around the planet.

Silver jewellery UK has brought it alive with their immaculate lines of silver ornament, in traditional forms and even with their newest avatars. In the present times silver bracelets are one of the most talked about jewellery that is part of this highly coveted stream, making this idea all the more workable and dependable for all.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Silver Sterling bangs in!

If you want to gift someone jewellery, you would find no better option than latest collections of Sterling Silver Jewellery. For designs, looks, and value, sterling silver keeps it high. 

Ranging in their value and adornment propositions they offer us a valid selection to choose from. 

One would easily find great variety of gifts from comprehensive designs of silver sterling jewellery. 

If you think your need of jewellery is too niche in designs there are options that can greet you with best fit of designs. Silver sterling jewellery is there to grace every occasion of yours and fulfill every fine need with its immaculate offerings.

Even if you are obsessed with the classic designs and old jewellery art you can get them done in new avatars with facets of new age finishing and accompaniments. 

Another factor that adds on is bespoke jewellery. Custom designs can make your jewellery even more enticing and gracious for different occasions. If you host an event you won’t mind flaunting them with that extra ounce of style as it cords your persona so well.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Revering Sterling Silver!

The popularity and reach of sterling silver is characterized by its utility and the value it offers to the jewellery lovers. Jewellers are highly pleased with the way sterling silver is being cherished by their patrons over other ornament bases as it is quite easy for them to practice over other segments because it helps them act globally and refer wider markets.

Even the jewellery stalkers are most delighted with the way sterling silver is formed and being participated to offer them great value in the ornamental selection.

With sterling silver rings, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, pendants and many more alluring crafts being shape for both men and women it has become the most revering form of adornment base which is followed by famous jewellery and designer brands across the globe.

Not only just because of the potential that it offers to its clients but also the factors of viability for trade makes it the favorite of jeweller’s fraternity worldwide with its knocking presence in the segment of modern jewellery crafts.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The silver act!

It’s not about the fascination, not even the artistic claims or about the ornamental value but the idea of being associated with the frame of gloss and gleam that the metal silver offers.

The finest of the silver detailing could be found in most reviving lines of sterling silver jewellery that serves upholding virtues of silver most approvingly fashioning it into the ornamental value.

Silver bracelets and sterling silver earrings are one of the most definitive jewellery propositions that are practiced and processed across the array of ornaments and applications with most validating set of designs and patterns.

Around the segments jewellery and fashion elements silver is the most sought after metal that participate in the ornamental value and captivates every dimensions that needs to be adorned with panache.

It’s always the characteristics and significance of the object that drives its potential worth and image and silver acts just in mode to deliver all its fine range of traits to the embellishments its is molded in. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rings are for life!

Rings come with all possible overtures to be a part of major occasions of ones life and times. We all have been seeing beautiful creations and selections coming our way in form of rings for celebrating those special moments.

Sterling silver rings just fits all are reveling gestures for expressing our emotions and reserving them to those gifting glories of which all among us become a part of at least once at some point of time in life.

As auspicious as a wedding ring, as special as a proposal kind and yet ever memorable as a friendship ring, they all are being justified with all the immaculate and serene blend of sterling silver rings with different precious and semi-precious stones which works wonder when processed and craved with impressive designs.

Rings are meant to be a part of relations and emotions for they register sequences of fine presence in ceremonies of life, just requiring a part of sensibility in return by its endorsers in form of its making, embellishing and accepting its grace as an ornament.