Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Silver's the best choice

Why choose silver?

Silver is the prioritised precious metal when it comes to style, for the given fact that it is stylish but most importantly more affordable than any other.

A silver pendant looks effortlessly classy and sophisticated and has just as much appeal as a gold chain would when teamed with a beautiful dress, if not more.

So why not chose gold?

We personally believe silver jewellery can be teamed with any shade of dress or outfit you may be wearing, more so than gold. Plus as it is more affordable you can have more items, in a range of styles, with various coloured gemstones to match a new outfit daily. These items are not easily tarnished, so can be kept for a very long time.

Silver earrings and sterling silver earrings look beautiful against any skin complexion especially when the light glistens on them.

When it comes to buying the ultimate present, especially for the fast approaching Christmas period, we know all too well that you want to get special meaningful presents for your loved ones. Sterling silver earrings presented in a special gift box will make an ideal, yet thoughtful present which is affordable for you but looks great on her.

Did You Know - It is a proven fact that more of the population are in fact allergic to gold than silver.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chose Sriga this Christmas!

Our designer silver jewellery has your back when it comes to finding the perfect gift for your female family members and close friends.

What better gift is there than one that can be worn every day and give the same effect and feeling as the very first moment in which you received it?

Silver jewellery is timeless and exquisite, and our in house designers have handcrafted these items especially for you and for your gift distribution list. Your friends and family will simply fall in love with our silver pendants or our sterling silver earrings, which can be purchased at an exclusive price on our website.

Sriga aim to please a wide market of interests and fashion crazes, so there is many pieces of jewellery that are aesthetically appealing to the eye and will capture the attention and the hearts of many. They are definitely a centrepiece when teamed with any outfit and will modestly get tongues wagging and silent whispers, as it will create a new fashion jewellery frenzy.

As we are up and coming it is a huge advantage around Christmas time for us to be given as a gift to your loved ones. A huge advantage for you as our customers. We have the guarantee of our items being in stock and delivered, when you need to start your wrapping duties. The other advantage being we are not on the highstreet so our products are unique to you through our website only, which makes the gift more special as they are exclusive and distinctive.

Monday, August 12, 2013

African Queen Necklace

Being one of the very few gold designs which we have amongst our sterling designer silver jewellery , we feel we need to promote this beautiful necklace.

It is of course sterling silver but has a gold plating. The detail and beauty of this piece captures all gazing eyes when worn with any outfit.

When teaming the necklace with a formal or casual wardrobe it simple shines elegance. It is handmade and the size is adjustable.

We feel it fits the summer period just as well as an iced refreshment, as it look absolutely divine with a maxi dress in the sunshine.

It makes a great alternative from all our fabulous silver jewellery which is available online

Friday, July 26, 2013

Royal Garnet for a royal Baby

Whether it is a family wedding, social gathering, grand party, or simply just a day out, our Sterling Silver Jewellery will make you sparkle in the finest possible way! If you particularly love to stand out from the rest, then Sriga’s line of Designer silver jewellery is the finest choice.

Sriga’s Silver Jewellery has artistically captured and enhanced the meaning of new age ornamental jewellery due to their fine ability to involve and blend many patterns and crafts. Our in-housedesigners skilfully integrate the best of their abilities into handcrafting our fabulous Silver with attentive and effective designs.

We are drawn to the Royal Garnet ring as we feel it will be a great way to celebrate the birth of the future King. The design and beauty of the Garnet gemstones makes you feel like royalty so with such a stunning design, it makes it a fabulous reason to purchase an amazing ring.

With more items such as Sterling Silver Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Sets, Charms, Pendants, and Rings etc. for women available, online it would be a shame to not even have a peak. This fine range of fashionable, yet traditional, Sterling Silver Jewellery UK is for women of all different walks and generations.

The variety of our collections is truly phenomenal,so we are sure that it will be treasured for and kept safe for many years to come. We of course want you to make the most of our beautiful jewellery by wearing it on such beautiful days like today, where the sun can glisten and beam off the finish, as it is made from silver it will sustain many years and many outfits.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Formulas never create designs – imagination does!

One can build a sales plan and a business profile based on some cliché or some formula but can’t get a good website based on it alone or otherwise.

It takes all pains to get a resourceful website. This is because the website that ‘earns’ for you is always based on your requirements typically. This includes a fine representation of your business and your products.

You can only get benefited by your website when it is made to fit your audiences’ needs and knows how to attract them.

A lot of critical thinking goes in to create a good website. You can only get a prolific design through imagination and creativity. Not all designers are blessed with these!

You can never get an appealing and effective design by stereotypically following what your associate businesses and competitors are doing. It just makes you appear mediocre and meagre in your appearance.

To get expert advice on what’s there for you get associated with Website design London.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silver Jewellery is becoming ever so popular

Silver Jewellery and Silver Rings for Women are becoming more and more popular among the citizens of the UK, and the rest of the world for that matter.

Silver bracelets will never go out of fashion for the simple reason of being sustainably stylish. The crafters of silver jewellery make such unique and ingenious designs thatare everlasting they keep silver alive and an undying fashion accessory.

Original ideas make silver jewellery’s charm as appealing as ever to all age groups. Silver jewellery can contain everything from delicate hand createdembossed detail, to smartly applied gemstones inlaid,to make an outstanding eye catching product, soon to be adored by all.

Silver Rings for women are highly popular at the moment, as contemporary jewellery tends to loose character quicker than the real deal. Sterling Silver Rings keep up with every aspect of anindividual’slifestyle, and will not tarnish or loose colour after minimal durability, unlike costume jewellery.

The quality of silver jewellery is seen in the way they blend the modern designs with the traditional forms.This then accentuates the appeal of specific pieces, as the craftsman has in facttaken references from various innovative forms, and used them in their of jewellery designing.

Silver jewellery is more commonly associated or referred to as costume jewellery more than a precious metal due to the fact of how lenient the artisan can be when creating outstanding pieces. Silver bracelets and necklaces will grace any outfit or dresses in all possible ways,stealing the vocal point of every of attire it is teamed with.