Friday, December 30, 2011

Chunky silver jewellery makes for bold and contemporary statement pieces

Although silver has for long been used in jewellery, it has always been the second cousin. Gold was always the favoured one, used in making elaborate and elegant jewellery. All of this has now changed. Silver, with its elegant and understated look has become the metal of choice in designing contemporary and classic pieces.

Available as chunky silver jewellery, silver suits women of all ages. It can even be worn for any occasion, lending a unique touch. Silver bracelet and silver rings for women are especially eye-catching. When designed in an attractive and unique way, they act as statement pieces.

Although silver is crafted as per the traditions of different countries, silver jewellery UK has some very contemporary designs. These are made for the modern woman who is outgoing and independent and want to flaunt her style and individuality whenever she gets a chance.

Silver jewellery can never go out of fashion and will always be found adorning by women who can carry them off.