Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

We have a variety of matching jewellery available online here are some of the variety we have on offer.

Royal Garnet:

The design and beauty of the Garnet gemstones makes you feel like royalty. The deep red colour of both the pendant and ring is a great collection to wear this festive season

Amethyst Cluster Collection. The drop earrings with different shapes and size amethysts are beautiful when worn, the matching statement ring finishes the look. 

True Beauty: is exactly what the label says. The chunky amethyst stones is true to its beauty of the size ans shapes of the gems. The matching ring and earrings are a great look. 

Peridot Heaven, The gorgeous green gemstone embed in the pendant and matching drop earrings are a great collection for Christmas. 

The Opal earring and pendant collection with its intricate design is a great gift to give. The opal gemstone is mysterious and beautiful to the eye.