Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Silver's the best choice

Why choose silver?

Silver is the prioritised precious metal when it comes to style, for the given fact that it is stylish but most importantly more affordable than any other.

A silver pendant looks effortlessly classy and sophisticated and has just as much appeal as a gold chain would when teamed with a beautiful dress, if not more.

So why not chose gold?

We personally believe silver jewellery can be teamed with any shade of dress or outfit you may be wearing, more so than gold. Plus as it is more affordable you can have more items, in a range of styles, with various coloured gemstones to match a new outfit daily. These items are not easily tarnished, so can be kept for a very long time.

Silver earrings and sterling silver earrings look beautiful against any skin complexion especially when the light glistens on them.

When it comes to buying the ultimate present, especially for the fast approaching Christmas period, we know all too well that you want to get special meaningful presents for your loved ones. Sterling silver earrings presented in a special gift box will make an ideal, yet thoughtful present which is affordable for you but looks great on her.

Did You Know - It is a proven fact that more of the population are in fact allergic to gold than silver.